Waterhouse Foods

coffee shop, cafe, & bakery



specialty breads made in the european tradition with local or organic ingredients {sourdoughs (asiago, garlic sea salt, olive, rye); rustic whites; hearty whole grains (seedy multigrain, sprouted nine, cranberry wheat walnut); brioche (loaves, buns, cheesy-herb, doughnuts, coffee streusel); ciabatta}

croissants {butter, rosesage-parmesan, cheddar-herb, seedy, chocolate }

whole grain bagels {asiago, everything , flax seed, cinnamon-cranberry currant, sesame }

traditional danish kringler

sconesscones {lemonade, blueberry lemon, cherry crème, raspberry , cranberry-orange apricot, fresh mint chocolate chip, fresh mint lemonade, blackberry, peach, bacon gruyère, fennel-orange-white chocolate)

100_0600cookies {chocolate chip, magic ranger, faerie dust, mmmmmm, peanut butter & pboc, oat X, chocolate madness, molasses}

coffee cakes & muffins (wheat free) {cinnamon,  nutty apple pie, elvis, chocolate love,  banana fo fana chocolate chip, blueberry-raspberry banana sour cream, honey raisin bran X}

bars {chocolate brownies, jammin nut-oat bars}

lunchsandwiches, soups, salads {all housemade}

drinks {sustainable wine, local microbrews, fresh fruit smoothies, iced & hot valentine coffee co. coffees, espresso drinks, iced & hot rishi teas, hot cocoa, chai, specialty teas & sodas}

pumpkin nog

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