Waterhouse Foods

coffee shop, cafe, & bakery

contact & hours

water house
132 east lake street, lake mills, wisconsin

kitchen open:
monday-wednesday 10am-2pm
thursday-friday 8am-2pm

kitchen open: 8am-2pm

its easy to find us in lake mills…
just south of interstate 94, about 20 miles east of madison and about 50 miles west of downtown milwaukee. take hwy 89 (exit #259) and head south 6 blocks. turn left on lake street (2nd stop sign) – we’re across from the gazebo.

your feedback is important to us. you can use the form below or send an email to info@waterhousefoods.com. either way, we want to hear back from you. if you’d like us to reply, please leave us your name and email. anonymous comments are just fine, too!

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