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waterhouse foods

water house is a coffeehouse, bistro, and entertainment+education space in lake mills, wi offering tasty foods, crafted in-house from scratch, using local and organic ingredients. relax and nourish yourself for breakfast, brunch, lunch, and event dinners. savor our artisanal breads, croissants, pastries, wheat-free foods, and pies. or browse our ever-growing market of wisconsin’s best local products, from coffee and flours to beers. Join our baking/cooking classes, art events, and music.

we specialize in full-bodied, tasty, crusty artisan and specialty breads, handmade from local and organic ingredients, in the european tradition. each loaf is unique, handcrafted with love and care.

for us, using local and organic ingredients is not some sort of gimmick – by using the best ingredients the resulting breads are heartier, healthier, and tastier than conventional breads. breathe in our olive rosemary or our onion herb bread or our garlic sea salt… chew the seeds in our multi-grain… taste the molasses-coffee-cocoa mix in our pumpernickel. the european tradition is key – bite into the thick, flaky crust of one of our baguettes and you’ll understand why!

bread is one of the oldest and most important foods. you can get bread anywhere, but so much of it is mass-produced and bland. if you’ve ever had a great roll or a great slice of bread at your favorite restaurant, you know how important good bread can be to a meal – or as a meal unto itself. If you haven’t, try one of our breads and become a believer. a good loaf of bread crunches at first bite, crumbles lightly between your teeth, fills your mouth with the nutty sweet flavor of wheat, and satisfies your stomach with a warmth that makes you smile. that’s what good bread is to us.

let us share our breads and foods with you.

interested in working here? fill out this application and drop it off!

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