Waterhouse Foods

coffee shop, cafe, & bakery

our history… our namesake

the short version:

water…energy and love that flow like water, enter silently, and fill – pure and clean and effortless.

house…strength, resiliency, support, comfort, nourishment, growth, home – family and friends, sharing.

the long version:

easter 2006, we fall in love with and moved into a small house in lake mills, one block away from rock lake. during the final walk-through, we ignored the water on the basement floor (and the fact that we were at the bottom of three hills), and chose to believe what the previous owners had claimed – this had never happened before.

fast forward to the 50-year rains of August 2007. judging by the efflorescence on the walls and the pond forming in the basement, this HAD happened before…many times before…. after lots of cursing, a week of bailing out the basement, a truckload of kitty litter (don’t ask), and two sump pumps (thanks, A+ environmental!), we figured we had that problem licked.

but the water house had different thoughts…

when the ice storms of 2007/2008 came, we – like so many others – were surprised one night by the sound of dripping water behind the ceiling of our bedroom. well, we had wanted to renovate the upstairs and replace the roof…we just had wanted to do it on our timetable…

despite all these trials, we love this little house. every problem has pushed an improvement; all of the work that we have put into this house has only made us love it more. and the little spirits that let in all the water are welcome in all of the little corners, nooks, crannies, and secret places that we cherish – as long as they leave the water outside.

we see the bakery in the same way – the more work that we put into it, the more love we feel for it – that love translates directly into our breads and candy, muffins, cakes, and scones.

so, when we asked jamie and ryan to design our logo, we told them this story and asked them to follow its inspiration wherever it led. they came up with what you see at the top of the page. we love it. it combines the elements of water, air, fire, and earth that make up our breads – the elements that connect us to the earth, emphasize the local, feed the organic.

but the story doesn’t end there. shawn started sharing his breads with janet and sebastien – co-workers and family – at his place of employment, a manufacturing facility that makes (what else) pumps that move water. a Water House. they raved about his bread, then encouraged him to bake more, then encouraged him to start selling it. “aw shucks…” was all he said, a goofy grin on his rust-colored cheeks.

then, janet and sebastien grabbed him by the ear and pulled him into brick street market to meet with the wonderful and creative laura jacobs-welch. she was looking for breads to complement her cheeses. we shared some of our breads, she shared some of her cheeses. a match was made. she’s taken a chance on us and we hope that the rest will be glorious history.


enjoy! — shawn and rae

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