Waterhouse Foods

coffee shop, cafe, & bakery

full staff

we are so blessed with an amazing crew of hard-working and caring people. some you see everyday when you come in, some you may never see as they are behind the silver swinging doors, so here, we give you a way to get to know them (stay tuned for more details!)

front of house

lisa (aka “the unnamed ninja”) – our coffee guru, drink creator, and all-around customer service angel


back of house

gail (aka “the smiling, spicy ninja”) – our prep guru, our kitchen bouncer, makes super-sexy salads and may be seen eating salsa by the spoonful

brian (aka “extreme ____ ninja”) – he is able to make everyone smile. he loves it when you tell him to “SCRUB”


farmers markets

sue (aka “sue-sue” or “market babe (mom) ninja”) – our oconomowoc market queen, speaks lovely french, and knits up a storm



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