Waterhouse Foods

coffee shop, cafe, & bakery

friends & partners

we’d like to acknowledge and thank some important people who have helped take water house foods from a dream to a reality.

thanks to laura, shelley, and phil from brick street market in delavan for being the first to want to buy our breads – you truly got us started. supportive and knowledgeable, and do we love walking out of your store to go taste what we brought home.

rob and michelle, at the wine vineyard – we are so thrilled you chose lake mills for your first shop. we are even more thrilled that we share so many of the same ideas with you for future endeavors. we will keep sharing bread if you keep sharing wine.

janet and sebastien, our resident french experts and immediate friends. they know bread, they know cheese, and they know they wanted both where they lived – and they had more spirit than we did to take our breads into a store to have someone agree to buy them. thank you both for your push, for caring, and for always knowing when we could use a morale boost.

jamie & ryan, the ultimate creative duo. logo designers, idea generators, past food service knowledge contributors, great new game suggesters, and the-ultimate-creative-parents. may the force be strong in this new one.

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